We’re saying: WTF NZ!

That’s right, you heard it. Check out our exciting new campaign WTF which was launched at Q theatre last night. It’s a joint project between Rainbow Youth and OUTLine NZ that’s aimed at letting all New Zealanders know that discrimination on the basis of sexual identity is not ok.

It’s also about asking people to support our organisations by donating on a regular basis – visit www.wft.org.nz if you’re interested in finding out more.

We’re stoked to premiere the following cheeky and hard-hitting video which heads the campaign. It features more than 30 Kiwi celebs who are all backing the WTF message, awesome! Thanks to Sam Shore and Sam Orchard (OUTLine) for coming up with the concept and to all those who have helped make it happen.

Keep an eye out on this page to find out where and when community launches will be happening for the campaign but for now… enjoy and share.

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