NEWS - Scholarships for Takatāpui & Rainbow Pasifika (MVPFAFF) Youth

In July 2020, Microsoft donated US $50,000 to RainbowYOUTH as part of their International Pride Campaign.

We're spreading this donation across some of the key areas we’re focusing on, one of which is putting $10,000 towards scholarships for rangatahi takatāpui (queer Māori) & MVPFAFF (queer Pasifika) students going into tertiary study in 2021. These scholarships are awarded with the intention of acknowledging the diversity in financial hardships faced by rangatahi takatāpui and MVPFAFF young people during study.

Applications are open from October 6th - midnight November 27th 2020. 

Who can apply?

Anyone in Aotearoa New Zealand who is going into tertiary study in 2021, and also identifies as part of the takatāpui/rainbow pasifika (MVPFAFF) community can apply for these scholarships. You don't have to have engaged with RainbowYOUTH in the past, or be 'out' about your identity to friends and whānau. 

How do I apply?

There are two ways you can apply. Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the form!

1) A video -  (no longer than 5 minutes) to tell us a bit about yourself, and how this scholarship will be helpful for you.

2) A written submission (300-500 words) to tell us a bit about yourself, and how this scholarship will be helpful for you.


Who decides?

A panel of takatāpui & Pasifika RainbowYOUTH Executive Board Members and staff will get together to decide who will be awarded these scholarships. 

If you have any questions, flick us an e-mail at Otherwise, scroll down to apply!