Lesbian Ball & XMEN

Q) What does a politician, the lesbian ball, and an Xmen comic have in common?

A) Ahh… you thought we’d tell you right now. Come along to the Rainbow Youth AGM on Saturday and find out!

But seriously… Thanks to the lovely politician Jacinda Ardern we have two tickets to give away to the Lesbian Ball which is on July 7.  They’ll be available to win for two queer female identified folk who come along to the AGM*. We also have a copy of the Astonishing XMEN comic – the gay marriage issue – to give away on the day as well as LYC and WTF t-shirts up for grabs.

Now theres a few good reasons to come along to the Rainbow Youth headquarters on K’Rd at midday on Saturday (June 23). 

If you’re interested in finding out what we’ve been up to for the past year and are keen to have a say in shaping RY over the next year then do come along anyway. Members (who can be signed up on the day) are also eligable to vote in the new board. 

If you want to find out more about our annual general meeting and what it means for you then check out the post below. 

Hope to see y’all on Saturday.

RY Crew

*Only members can win prizes

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