Family Portraits: A Queer & Trans* Comic Launch

Our good friend Sam Orchard is embarking on a very cool adventure – but not without your help! Sam is an extremely talented comic artist who has done art work for things like our Gender and Sexuality 101 resource, as well as running his own comic strip about the ins and outs of being a transman called ‘Rooster Tails‘.

Now, he’s embarking on another project called ‘Family Portraits‘ and has created a kickstarter in the hopes of raising money to fund it! We asked him to tell us in his own words about the project:

“My Kickstarter is to raise funds to Family Portraits – a comic book series that explores the lives and loves of New Zealanders from the LGBTI/Rainbow community.

“Family Portraits is a comic series that’s the first of it’s kind in New Zealand – and captures stories of a range of different kiwis and celebrates how we live, how we love, and who we are. Each comic is told using a different comic style, and explores a different story from real life New Zealanders.

 “I’ve always loved telling stories, and as a kid I always looked for stories that reflected and celebrated people like me. Unfortunately, a lot of the stories in mainstream media about queer and trans people are negative, sensationalised, or scandalised our differences. So I wanted to tell stories that embraced and celebrated our differences.

“The money raised in the kickstarter will go towards helping print the first two issues, and help me get to America to do an American tour. Each issue of Family Portraits will be about 60 pages long and be printed in full colour.

“There are a few important reasons why I’m choosing to go to the grand ol’ United States:

    • -It’s waaay cheaper to print the books and send them to America, and post them out to people from there, than to send them to New Zealand and post them from here
    • – Most of the people who read my comic live there!
    • – I wanna try and get along to some comicons like Rose City and A.P.E!
    • – My parents live over there, and it’ll be a nice chance to visit my ma and pa!

Go Sam!!!! You can support him by visiting his kickstarter page and sending a few dollars his way.

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