Faces, Places: Aych

Meet Aych McArdle, one of Rainbow Youth’s newest board members and latest star of Faces, Places.

Aych McArdle

Why did you want to join the board?

I believe that the work that Rainbow Youth is incredibly powerful and I wanted to contribute my little bit to this awesome organization!

What do you do for a job/ tell us a little bit about your background?

I am a postgraduate student at AUT in the School of Art & Design and I also work at AUT as a research assistant to two senior lecturers. In every other moment of my life I’m usually on the internet working on my fashion blog (http://www.aychblog.com), tweeting (http://twitter.com/aychmcardle) about cool stuff and instagramming pictures of my puppy.

What does GLBT equality mean to you?

Freedom and respect! When our LGBTQITF community members can go about their lives without the burden of discrimination and oppression we will see what equality looks like. Sadly so many Kiwis face tough stuff in school, in their workplaces, at the doctors and in our legal system that is really yuck. I hope I get to experience one day a New Zealand that is truly equal.

Five words to sum yourself up:

Creative, glittery, colourful, twitterific, wanderlustful

If you could have any magic power, what would it be?

I remember telling my mum when I was little that I wished I could walk past people who were sad and just click my fingers and make them happy. I guess the same is still true today! Although now I understand a little bit more about how complex life can be so perhaps the super power now that I want is the ability to make really crappy situations awesome.

Describe your perfect day off in/around Auckland:

My perfect day in Auckland would definitely involve lots of food and lots of my favorite people just hanging out, having great chats and being silly! I love drinking tea with friends at Alleluia cafe in St Kevin’s Arcade on K Road, rummaging in the opshops near by, checking out arty films and generally chilling under shady trees on sunny days with a book to read and friends to chatter with!

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