Annual General Meeting: 29th June

Our AGM is coming up at 12 p.m.

Saturday the 29th of June at our drop-in centre.

What does our AGM involve?

As a charitable organisation, we have to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) every year. What happens is that the people responsible for the running and organisation of RY, the board, use the AGM as a chance to report about all the happenings of the last year to its members (YOU GUYS).

There are boring bits (like how much money we have) but there are also über fun things like free food, chatting about our campaigns and endeavours and super cool company.

Why should I come?

Well, the free food, duh.

The AGM is YOUR chance to have a say about how RY is run and what we do.

We also elect our new board for the next annual term!

If you think you have what it takes to be a board member, then submit an online form.

Our ideal board member candidate has to: 

Be familiar with the strengths and challenges of queer and trans* youth in Aotearoa

Represent the organisation in an official capacity as required

Contributor the vision and mission of rainbow youthContribute to a core organisational committeeRegular meeting attendance

There is no experience required, however knowledge of Rainbow Youth and the structure of governance boards would be an advantage

So come along, eat food, meet people and share your ideas with us!

AGM Agenda
12pm Saturday 29th June

12:00pm               Centre opens & Kai
12:30pm               Official Welcome & Kai
12:40pm               Reports
1:00pm                 Voting:

Executive Board stand down
Executive Board

2:00pm                 Acknowledgements and Closing

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