AGM: 23rd June

Our AGM is coming up fast!  From noon, Saturday 23rd June to be exact, at the Rainbow Youth center 281 K’rd.

What’s an AGM?

Every charitable organisation needs to have a annual general meeting (AGM) every year so the people responsible for the organisation (in RY’s case, the board) can report to the organisations members (thats YOU!) what we did over the last year (fun stuff, like WTF) and the state of the organisation (boring stuff, like how much money we have).

Why should I come?

To start with, we’re bribing you with food.  So come along with a big appetite!

The AGM is YOUR chance to have a say about how RY is run and what we do.  Members elect a new board for the next year (you can even run for the board if you’re keen!).  Its like electing the government, except awesome because you get to meet all the candidates and ask them curly questions.

So come along, eat food, meet people and share your ideas with us.  Haven’t convinced you?  Stop by and find out more!

AGM Agenda
12pm Saturday 23th June

12:00pm               Centre opens & Food
12:30pm               Official Welcome & Food
12:40pm               Reports
1:00pm                 Voting:

Executive Board stand down
Executive Board

2:00pm                 Acknowledgements and Closing

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