Check out RainbowYOUTH’s homegrown resources for queer and gender diverse youth, their friends, whānau, teachers and other community members. Some of them can be ordered using the form at the bottom of the page.

The I’m Local Project

You can order our Queer and Trans 101 comic and matching posters which cover the basics of gender diversity and sexuality. They’re great to break the ice with someone who’s really new to these topics - and suit a range of ages.

The comic is part of a project called The I’m Local Project. This is an initiative run by RainbowYOUTH which aims to get free resources out to communities and organisations all around Aotearoa:

Download the pdf here.
Watch a video of the resource in NZSL here.

You, Me, Us

Everyone deserves to be in healthy and violence-free relationships. It’s also vital that people in marginalised communities have easy access to information and support for when things go wrong. RainbowYOUTH and the Ministry of Social Development’s ‘It’s not OK’ campaign have collaborated to provide a resource about healthy relationships for the queer & gender diverse community.

To order resources, visit the You, Me, Us website:

Growing Up Takatāpui: Whānau Journeys

Interviews with seven takatāpui rangatahi and their whānau inform this resource about the journey to and the importance of whānau support in a takatāpui young person's life. For further support around takatāpui, visit: www.takatā

Out Loud Aotearoa

A project that uses art to tell the stories of queer and gender diverse people’s experiences and hopes for New Zealand’s mental health and addiction services. Out of this project, we created a report that outlines the themes and recommendations found through the stories shared. We then submitted the report to the 2018 Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction Services. You can download and read the report here.

Click here to download a screen reader friendly version of this resource. 

Inside Out

Inside Out is a set of freely available video-based teaching resources which aim to decrease homophobic and transphobic bullying. The videos are for use in schools (between years 11-13) and meets key NZ Curriculum and Health Curriculum objectives, including positive relating to others, fostering healthy communities, critical thinking, participating and contributing, sexual health and development, interpersonal skills and attitudes, stereotypes and managing self. Inside Out was created in partnership between RainbowYOUTH, Curative & Core Education.

Explore Inside Out by visiting:

Rainbow Rights

Got questions about your rights as a rainbow person in Aotearoa? We can help! This website aims to provide accessible information about the legal rights of rainbow young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Check out the website here:

Starting and Strengthening Rainbow Diversity Groups

This resource is a refresh of the 2011 resource around how to start and successfully run a QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance) group in your school. We co-created the resource with our friends at InsideOUT, are excited to share this updated version for anyone looking for tips and best practice around running diversity groups.

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Download the PDF here.
Click here to download a screen-reader friendly version. 

How To Be A Trans Ally

This resource, created in collaboration with Lush and InsideOUT is a simple, no-nonsense guide about how to be a great ally to the transgender and gender diverse communities.

Download the pdf here.
Click here to download a screen reader friendly version.

Supporting Aotearoa's Rainbow People

This guide is for anyone who provides mental health support in Aotearoa, including (but not limited to) counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, tohunga (Māori healers), social workers, mental health nurses, and GPs. It will also be helpful for youth workers, group facilitators, and peer supporters. It is a practical guide providing tools and tips about how to support the rainbow community.

Visit the website to explore the resource.

Homelessness In The Queer, Gender-Diverse & Intersex Community: Quick Fact Sheet 

This resource, created with support from the Waitematā Local Board is for anyone who provides housing support in Aotearoa. It is an introductory guide providing research, tools and tips about how to support queer, gender-diverse and intersex young people experiencing homelessness.

Download the pdf here.

Click here to download a screen-reader friendly version.