What It's Like

What's it like at the groups?

Totally chill! Our groups are a space for young people to feel a sense of belonging, celebration, and make friends. Usually our groups start off with an ice-breaker, and then we break off into conversations or activities. It's completely up to you how you want to spend your time at the group. Some people prefer to chill out with a cuppa, and others prefer to do an activity, and that's totally ok!All of our groups are run by our trained facilitators, so if you have any questions or need a bit of support, they’re the best folks to talk to. If you ever feel uncomfortable or have any concerns at a group, let the facilitator know and they’ll do their best to settle the situation.

How do online groups work? 

We've put together a little information sheet about the platform we use for our online groups, and how it works. Check it out here

It's my first time going to any kind of group and I'm nervous, can you help? 

Coming to a RainbowYOUTH group for the first time can be pretty nerve racking and building the courage to come along can sometimes take a wee while. All of our groups strive to be welcoming environments and chances are you won’t be the only new person to the space, and we’ve all been there! Our facilitators will recognise any new faces to the group and will keep you under their wing. 

Who can come to the groups?

Most of our groups are open to queer and gender diverse youth between 13 and 27, but some of them are identity or age specific. Check their details below or on Facebook, to double check. Our groups aren't just for “out” queer and gender diverse youth too - if you're unsure about your identity, this is just as much your space as it is ours! Parents can drop off a young person at a group but aren't allow to attend so we can protect our young peoples' safety and privacy. 

How do I get to a group? 

We run groups all across Aotearoa, so there’s not really one way of getting there. Posting a question to the Facebook group can be a helpful way of figuring out public transport options! If you are struggling to find a way to get to group, let our facilitators know as they might be able to recommend something for you.

How safe are the groups?

A huge and valid concern for visiting a group is your safety, and that’s our top priority! Our groups are one of a few safe-spaces for queer and gender diverse young people in Aotearoa. That’s why we’ve put in a few measures to keep everyone safe:

  • Facilitators are there to make sure our space and people are safe

  • Strict rules ensuring our spaces are drug, smoke and alcohol free

  • Strict policies ensuring all facilitators, volunteers and staff comply with child safety laws and checks.

How accessible are the groups?

We strive to make RainbowYOUTH an inclusive place for absolutely everyone! Here are some things you can except:

  • Gender inclusive and affirming: We might ask for your name and pronouns, and all toilets are gender free

  • Zero tolerance of racism, homophobia, transphobia, intersexphobia and biphobia

  • Respectful of privacy and boundaries: We won't take a photo without your permission, and we won’t share or publicise your personal information without asking